Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Blog Award

I have been honoured by 2 of my favourite bloggers with this award over the past 24 hours - the wonderful Kellie Winnell and the equally wonderful Cheryl Joshua. I am in awe of these 2 ladies - they are amazingly talented and I'm honoured to call them blog buddies!

It's now my pleasant duty to pass this wonderful award on to 5 other marvellous bloggers - and this is what's taken the time - I want to nominate about 15!!!!! I have brutally cut down my list to these 5 - but know there are many blogs in my blog list who are equally deserving - so hope you check them all out!!!

Here's the final 5, in no particular order!

Lisa at The Craft's Meow
Michelle at Stamp and Smile
Emily at Emily's Expressions
Leonie at A Stamper's World
Liam at InspireStampin


Liam said...

I am so honoured to receive this award from you Debbie. Thanks so much for thinking of me. I know what you mean when you had to pick 5 ouch!! LOL. Now I have to come up with five. thank you sooo very much.


Kristine B. said...

What a gorgeous award Debbie!! Congrats to you :) You really do bring smiles to everyone who visits here!! ☺

Stamp and Smile said...

Thanks SO much Debbie for this award!! You are very "sweet" and the comments are lovely... YOU MAKE ME SMILE!! I will post the award on my blog soon. (I have a few more that I need to post!!)

Have a super day... enjoy a cup of joe for me!! I think you are AM now... LOL! :) Hugs Debbie... :)

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Awwww! You are so sweet to include me!!! Thank you, dear friend, from the bottom of my heart. I shall post this award to my blog with pride! Your blog posts, comments and emails ALWAYS make me smile, so I'd pass it right back to you if I could.

xOx Lisa

P.S. Try one of the Anya digi stamps to start... only $3 US and instant gratification! (I know, I'm such an enabler. hee hee)