Friday, April 17, 2009

My Sister's Blog!

My wonderful older sister has just started a blog - or should I say I started it for her and then left her to it - LOL. That's her on the right, I'm the one in the middle with my mouth open as always - and my younger sister's on the left - she's also an amazing crafter!!!

Sharon is a multi talented crafter - she's an amazing sketcher, painter, patchworker and embroiderer. Unfortunately she is resisting ALL my attempts to drag her over to papercrafting. I'm trying to work out a good way to incorporate stamping and quilting as I know she thinks some of my stamps are adorable - any suggestions???? I'll wear her down eventually - LOL

Sharon has 3 boys, the eldest got married late last year (this photo was taken at the wedding) and the middle son is getting married next year. She also has a beautiful young son who is turning 5 in August. Unfortunately the youngest is autistic as well as having other issues. I made a little mini album for him earlier - check it out here, how can anyone resist those eyes??? By starting her blog Sharon is hoping to make blog buddies with similar issues, as well as meeting some fellow crafters. We all know how time consuming our kids can be - kids with special needs place so many extra demands on their parents and this should be a great outlet for Sharon. I am in awe of her and her devotion to her son - although you can't help but be drawn in by Liam's innocence and quirky habits.

You can find her blog here if you want to pop in and say "HI".

P.S Just noticed I'm wearing the bracelet my friend and fellow stamper Carolann made me - check out her blog at Black Cat's Miaow. Carolann had to make 2 more of these after friends saw mine - must wear it more often!!!


Zarna said...

Stamp an outline image in a light colour classic ink (craft ink is permanent on fabric) use it as a template to stitch an embroidered piece and use it as a panel on a quilt.

That new set with the little girl on the swing (can't remember the name but it has kindness in it) would be perfect.

You could also do it like paper piecing but more of an applique kind of thing... just stamp it a few times on different fabrics and piece it together, one for the dress one for the hat etc etc

Chat Noir said...

Hi Debbie.... somewhere on the web I saw a quilting pattern used as a card challenge. It might have been on 365 cards??? On the other hand, that's more using your Sharon's skill to help you, which is not the way you planned... Maybe she could come up with some designs herself? Might give you some inspiration for her next birthday card (not that you need ANY at all). Keep trying, you managed to snare me away from decoupage... LOL

Ramona Michaluk said...

Hi Debbie - great photo! Now I know where your creative streak comes from - it's in your family genes!!
You're going to have to work on your sister and get her to start stamping - would love to see what she'd come up with!

Have a great weekend - speak to you soon :-)

Lisa Hjulberg said...

How fun to see a picture of you and your sisters! You all look happy to be together. Makes me miss my sisters! They live too far away.

I shall take a peek at your sister's blog for sure!

xOx Lisa

Lisa Hjulberg said...

P.S. I can't get my sisters hooked on stamping either, which is why it's fun to find kindred sisters in the blogger world!

Stamp and Smile said...

Such a "sweet" sister photo!! Lots of SMILES going on and a good time was had.. :) I just popped in your sisters blog for a visit... and a couple lovely comments later! Pull her into the paper crafting world because she sure has SUPER TALENT!! (Just like you!) I loved her Eastern Blooms flower pot card and found the card with the Black and White colors using this set... WOW'za! And her plates are STUNNING! Smiles Debbie.. :)

Sammi said...

HOw about using Stazon or something permanent and colouring it in with fabric paint/ markers for some areas of the quilt??

Love the photo of you and your sisters (I have 3 sisters)!


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