Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Word of Warning!!!

I was just checking my past posts for something and I came across a post that had 126 comments on it. I thought it a bit strange as it wasn't a blog candy post and - as much as I liked the card - it wasn't AMAZING! When I checked it out it seems that a group of Japanese(?) speaking people have been using the comment section of this post to communicate with others and it's been going on for months!!! I set out to delete all of these unwelcome comments but then my daughter said maybe I should report it!!!

I'm going to improve the security on my site - sorry to all you legitimate commenters!!! But I also want advice on what to do?!?!?!? There are still several comments left to delete - should I report it and to whom???

And maybe you should have a quick check back in your archives too!!!



CrafteeCC (Cathy) said...

thanks for the warning - I had a comment on my blog just last week, but deleted it immediately because I had no idea what it was saying ;-)

Sammi said...

ooh.. how annoying.. I think you should report it... I have had a few spammer comments further back and I always go and delete them! I think you can set comment moderation on posts that are older ... can't remember how though... sorry!

Kellie Winnell said...

Debbie I get so many of these a day! When I took off the word verification they all started to flow back in, and it's annoying but people are not liking the word verification these days. So I moderator the comments that come in and most need approval by me unless like yourself you comment on a regular basis.

So maybe you can set to approval? Or something lol?

Hugs Kel

Alison said...

I'm so sorry that happened to your Blog, it's annoying that someone could do that.

Jodie from Oz said...

Debbie, I got a couple of strange comments before Christmas in a Japenese language, I ran it through google to interpret it to see if it was legitimate, it turned out to be a porn site. Very scary. I will now go back & check if any others have snuck through. Thanks for letting us know. I would definaelty report it to blogger. Hugs Jodie from Oz

Marcia said...

As much as comment moderation bugs some people, I think it is a necessary evil.

I get the odd insurance plug or something in arabic, but nothing too bad. Your story has certainly reminded me to keep an eye on things.

:) Marcia

Anonymous said...

i've only had some weird comments occassionally, I just set my comments to have to be "approved" before they are posted.

Kristy Young said...

OK I have been getting tons!!! i am so putting word verification back on now!
Kristy x

Kylie said...

OMGoodness, me too. I have only received 2 but one of those was linked to a dating/porn site. My comments go through my email account and most of these get caught as spam. These 2 I blocked and bounced them back to sender. Didn't know what else to do.

Kylie ox

Dena said...

Oh I had the same thing!!! I had a bit of it translated and it was not nice stuff. I didn't know you could delete it. Ding Dong!!! It hasn't happened since Christmas time. Hope you get it straight. If you put the word ver. I will still comment on your beautiful stuff! ha ha!
Hugs, Dena

Debra James said...

That totally sucks. I will have to go check out mine and let us know if u have any luck with reporting it....Thanks so much for the warning.Hugs xxx

Marlene said...

Thanks for the warning. I haven't enabled any moderation or word verification on my site, and have never had to worry about spammers...but that's probably because I'm too "new" and they just haven't found me yet.

Cheryl said...

Hi Debbie,how annoying.You could report it to blogger,they do have a help section on your dashboard.I do moderate my comments,but don't have word verification on and I have only had 3 or four in a year.Comment moderation means you have to read the comments in your dashboard before accepting them to your blog and you delete the others,so they never make it to your blog.If you do it this way they shouldn't be able to communicate,because their comment doesn't show up and they must move on to the next blog.I hope this helps.

Janette said...

I think it's great that you have brought this to the attention of us....well those of us that have'nt heard of this before,feel abit worried now to be honest,hope you can sort it out.x

nessy said...

sorry to hear that ~ keep an eye in it debbie ~must say i keep my security on my blog ~even though everyone keeps telling me to switch it off!!
vanessa xx

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Debs,
How aweful...I mean you try and make it as easy as possible for people to leave comments. There are always a small minority who stuff things up for us.

Jenny said...

Hi, There is a thing on bloger that you set for older posts, so that anyone who comments on an older post will have to be approved by you.
Love your blog btw! I am a folower and It beautiful! Love your Lo`

Ayelet {Jenny} X

Emily said...

I just got one of these messages on my blog today and plan to go delete it right away. Thanks for the heads up Debbie!

Debbie M said...

Hi Debbie

Very frustrating!!!! I had for a couple of weeks, random, rude, comments advertising porn, etc. Was very frustrating and annoying but (touch wood) haven't had one for a bit as I don't want to add the word verification.

Debbie M