Friday, January 29, 2010

I Could Just SCREAM!!!!! - Plus TGF Relay #4 - Prince Ian

So scream I WILL - AAAAAAAGH!!!! That's better - have it out of my system - LOL! Why scream you ask??? My wonderful telecommunications provider has had me pulling my hair out for the past 48 hours! I have had no home phone OR internet - and when we rang AGAIN earlier this afternoon we were told this would probably be the case until NEXT TUESDAY!!! WHHHAAAAAATTTTTTT!!!! Needless to say my neighbours and I have been fuming in the street - it's amazing and scary just how computer reliant we are! Over the past few hours our uni student kids need to enrol online, my kids have sold some toys on ebay and I can't access the seller's info, and - most importantly -  I NEED TO BLOG - LOL.....

I went out and bought a pre-paid internet modem so I wouldn't be completely cut off and as I was trying to get it up and running my computer came back online!!!! WHAT - it's only Friday evening???? But I'm NOT going to complain - I'm just ducking on quickly in case it's only short term!!!

LUCKILY for me The Greeting Farm relay had to be stopped due to unforseen circumstances so I didn't miss out on finishing the race - and luckily I had discovered this BEFORE my internet went down or I would have been going a little nutso - Oh OK - more nutso than usual - LOL!!! I did get my last fabulous digi image to play with - and you can get him FREE too - check it out HERE. I wanted to finish off what I started so here is my Prince Ian - better late than never!!!

I decided every Prince needs a Princess and/or a castle - and since Princess Anya is still on my wish list and not in my stamping room I had to give this guy a castle!!! I was inspired by THIS fabulous tri-fold castle by Deneen Treble - but as I believed time was limited I used it as inspiration to come up with a simpler card. I started with a standard 5 1/2" square card and used a version of Deneen's to come up with the turrets. The back is simply shaped into a pitched roof.

I used my cuttlebug to add some "stone" like texture to the turrets and some "wood grain" to the door! My wonderful new nesties from The Stamp Spot (currently on sale!!) and one of my new Martha Stewart border punches got a work out too! DP is from The Greeting Farm's Sunny Glen range and all CS if from Stampin' Up.

If any of my Aussie bloggers want to check out some awesome prices on MS punches I got mine HERE! They arrived in a couple of weeks and were well worth the wait - and the shipping was ridiculously cheap - I've had stamp sets cost me more than my FOUR new punches - I know - I do LOVE to shop - LOL!!! But I figure I need to make sure my crafting room is fully stocked BEFORE I quit my job and have no more cashflow!!!

Anyhow - enough of a good thing for now - I need to get this posted... just in case!!! I sincerely HOPE I'll be back soon!!!



LINDA said...

OH I Love it!! This is just so cute.. Love the castle.. and the image is darling!! Awesome job!!
Hugs, Linda

Robyn said...

I know the feeling Debbie! Hope you stay "turned on" now Lol! Are you going to quit your job ? You would never go out of your craft room!!

Joan said...

Fantastic card - I love all the textured paper!!!!!

Kylie said...

Amazing card Debbie. I was lucky enough to nab this image too.
It's an awful feeling when you have no phone or internet. We are so reliant on it for bills, banking and most importantly BLOGGING!!! Glad you're back with us.

Kylie ox

Sammi said...

oooh..this is delightful Debbie!! LOVE the castle!! Prince Ian is gorgeous!! Sorry to hear you've been having internet issues... how anoying!!
Have a lovely weekend!

Dena said...

I feel your pain Debbie! I am just addicted to this dern thing!
Your card is totally perfect! How you have such clever ideas I just don't know, I never would have been able to design that cute little castle. All the punchs are just so perfect and the cuddlebugging. You just gotta loooooove this card!
Hugs, Dena

Kristy Young said...

DEBBIE!!!!!!!!! Have missed you sooo much!!! This card is AMAZING breathtaking!!! You might have to show me this tute when you come over for our craft weekend in Feb :)
Kristy x

sandra said...

I would scream too!lol.
You made great card here!
I love this paper you used for towers and that door.
Amazing work!

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Debs,

No internet or phone...sounds like a holiday without the fringe benefits...that is beach, no housework, hills, in short a holiday :).
I think screaming would be the least of our problems...that is unless Liam had no TV.


lots of love,

Cheryl said...

OMG,this is magnificent,you are so very clever!!! Would love to try one of these,though don't think it will be as good as yours!!

Cheryl said...

BTW how annoying to have internet troubles,over the last few months I have had some troubles and it totally drove me crazy,glad it is up and runnning now!!!

Kellie Winnell said...

I missed you, I missed you, I missed you, I have really missed you! LOL, now with that being said, this is just absolutely GORGEOUS Debbie, wow! At least even if you didn't have the net or a phone you most certainly did not lose your mojo! Love it!
Hugs Kel xx

Lynda said...

Forseuth and good morrow young Maiden Debbie.....and no...I won't put ur daughter thru any more torture...LOL!!! FAB card Darl...a castle...who'd a thought?? LOVE it. had me at the c'buggin'!! Is that link you put in local or in'national??
MAJOR bummer bout the computer....but glad that ur up and abt now....not like the comapny wld give you any help or suggestions!! ooxx

Leigh said...

Oh no Debbie, I feel your pain. Hope you can create so you have lots to show us when you are properly online again.
Love your Prince card.

Sue said...

Look at you, building castles in your spare time. Really creative and cute card. When the computer is out at work we come home, can't do a thing without it!!! Hope yours stays on. Have a great weekend.

Thanks for letting me know you got the package.


Emily said...

This is one amazing creation Debbie! I can hardly wrap my head around how you came up with this idea:))

Annette said...

Oh Debbie this is fabulous, just love this castle, what a fantastic idea, love all the detail you are just to clever! Sorry to hear about the frustrating time with the internet, we are all definately getting too dependent on it. Take CareX:)

susannah said...

What a clever card you have made, I love it.
xo susannah

Lisa Hjulberg said...

OMGosh, it looks like you spent hours on that castle! How cool is that????!!!! I haven't done Prince Ian yet. When they called it quits, so did I...I had to prepare for Stamp Club, so thankfully the early call meant I could actually get some sleep! Nothing I could come up with would match this amazing creation, Debbie. You ROCK!

Stamp and Smile said...

So happy you are online now! A person feels out of sorts when that happens... Plus missing your online friends!!! :)

Sweet card Debbie... Great textures with the CB embossing and border punch. :)

Colleen said...

Very cool - great card!

Liam said...


Thi is just too cute. Love it. You must have the mojo flowing everyday. Fantastic job.