Monday, October 27, 2008

A Cake, a Card and a Wedding

Anyone who has read my previous posts may have an idea that we had a family wedding coming up - it all happened yesterday and it was a fabulous day. The bride and groom are such a wonderful couple that there was no way the day couldn't be great. Everyone looked gorgeous and the venue was terrific. We got to bed rather late last night and it was up and off to work and school this morning. I made it through with only the occasional cup of coffee!!!! Anyhow - here are some pics of the wedding cake I made, the card and the day.....

The cake was a stacked 3 tiered mud cake with chocolate ganache frosting and fresh red roses. Being a lover of "bling" - and what wedding doesn't need bling?? - the roses were glittered up with fine gold glitter. A few extra scattered rose petals finished off the table. I was really pleased with how well it suited the elegant yet rustic style of the day.

I also tried to incorporate the elegance and colour scheme into the card I made. You can't see it here, but there is a subtle pattern on the black cardstock which I made by rollering Versamark on the top and bottom edges using the Illuminated Wheel. The Stamp set is of course Always, this is a perfect set for this occasion. All of the white stamping was embossed with white embossing powder - it adds such a lovely rich texture to the card. The red flower was also embossed.

This is what I did with the inside of the card - often this part is basically ignored - but when my dear hubby asked what the "Everything" meant on the front of the card I decided this was a great way of making the meaning clearer.

Now here is a picture of me and my gorgeous kids - we didn't scrub up too badly if I do say so myself! Although my shoes were killing me by the end of the night - am just NOT used to stiletto heels anymore - I enjoyed getting back into my flatties for work today - aaaagh!

And what post about a wedding would be complete without at least one photo of the bridal group. My apologies to the Best Man and Groomsmen for not getting them in the photo too - my view of them was blocked by the people sitting in front of me. As you can see - everyone looked absolutely stunning - and I'm not biased at all - LOL


Ali B said...

Cake looks devine, card is gorgeous (most women would have got the everything meaning...silly husbands!)and you and the kids scrubbed up really well!

Anonymous said...

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