Friday, October 9, 2020

Another 2020 Blog Catch-Up Post - Twistoon Stamps

This is my last catch up post dedicated to just one artist, my next one will have cards from a couple of different artists and then I think I'm all caught up and ready to start showcasing some new cards 😀

The name of this artist may look unfamiliar while the images may seem very familiar. Twistoon Stamps used to be called Bloobel Stamps, but after Lisa shut down her store the name Bloobel wasn't available when she decided she missed us crafters so much she'd re-open, so she's now been re-badged as Twistoon Stamps. She also has a cool app called Mixtoon Monsters  where you can design your own monsters, and a great Youtube channel where she showcases colouring techniques.

This card is a birthday card for one of my work colleagues. The logo is our school logo and the "training" is on the software we use and of course we've been working from home for most of the past few months, and she has cats - so I figured it all worked out. There is a "dog version" or a pet free version of this image too.

I CASE'd this design from the gorgeous card made by Annabel Haines, it was the perfect choice for a bee loving friend I haven't been able to see due to Covid-19 lockdown - the bees in the jar is reminiscent of the barrier between us at the moment. 

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