Saturday, September 26, 2020

Sorry I've Been MIA

 WOW it's been ages since I've posted here on my blog and for that I apologise. I'm not sure if people are still using blogs - but if you'd like me to keep updating mine leave me a comment on this post and I'll get back to it ;) 

I have been creating - not as prolifically as in the past as I've been working full time on and off and part time generally. It took me some time to get into the rhythm of all that and now Covid-19 has made me move to a new rhythm of working from home!

If you want to see what I have been creating you can check out my instagram page - I have been updating that a lot more regularly as I can do that on my phone during my lunch break if needed. My page is called debpamment so shouldn't be too hard to find if you want to look. In the meantime I will post the odd thing here as well - unless I get enough comments to post here regularly :)

In the meantime - Keep Safe in this weird year that is 2020!