Thursday, January 1, 2009

KWerner Color Challenge #36

Wow - what a gorgeous colour combo for this week's challenge - I adore these colours together!

A long time ago before I was really into card making - yes, there was such a time LOL - I bought a template to make an odd shaped card and matching envelope. I thought this challenge would give me the opportunity to finally give it a go. It was really easy to use and I'm really happy with the result. The template comes from an Australian company called Amazing Creations and I have linked the page for these on their website for you here.

I used the one called "WeiRd and WaCky LonGish CaRd & EnvelOpe" - what a mouthful!!!! It's great that the template comes with an envelope to match - I'm not sure you'd get the card into a standard envelope!

The central piece is a window and the "flower garden" is actually fixed to the inside of the card. The stamps I've used for the card are the Scribble Jumbo Wheel and a sentiment from Spring Pictograms. I've also used the luscious Flower Fusion felt flowers from the Summer mini , white brads, white Taffeta ribbon and some punches. I also used the same stamps to embellish the envelope.

Oooooops - In my excitement to do this challenge I realise I've used the wrong pink - my humblest apologies - I grabbed Pink Passion instead of the softer Pretty in Pink!!!!
I thought I'd add in this picture of the inside of the card too!


Ramona Michaluk said...

Fantastic card Debbie - I've always wanted to try out one of these 'weird & wacky' cards. You've done a brilliant job - love the colours and the idea!

Mandy Schiller said...

I really love this card Debbie. It's unusual shape is different from everything we are used to. Those colours work really well togethers as well. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love those colours always you come up with something unique & beautiful. Enjoy your time at the beach...we are currently holidaying at beautiful Point Lonsdale...which it was a bit warmer though!
Happy New Year.
Chris H

Jean McKenzie said...

Debbie, Your card is beautiful even if you used the other pink. Do hope you are having a great New Years Day - very very hot and humid here!

Kellie said...

I really like this card Debbie, I love how it's so different and out there. The colours were just made for this card! xx

Karen said...

Debbie - this is a fantastic card! I love things that are "out of the norm"!


Esther Peh said...

lovely card!

Dani Fender said...

LOVE IT! Great use of colours! Love the shape of the card and envelope!

Kathryn Mangelsdorf said...

Both your cards are great, I have never seen a handcrafted card in such a weird shape, congratulations it looked fabulous.

Anonymous said...

wow what a fun and crazy card..I am gonna have to try this!

LORi said...

Neat card!!