Monday, January 26, 2009

Blog Award

Thanx soo much to my cyber friend and fellow blogger Lisa at Craft's Meow for bestowing on me this Fabulos Blog award. Lisa is an amazing talent and well worth checking out - as well as being a fun person to get to know! She has recently attended a Copic's class so it will be interesting to see what she gets up to next!
A condition of this award it that you reveal 5 of your addictions - hmmm - guess you all know what one of them will be - LOL - Here goes.........
MY FAMILY - My family will always be my biggest addiction. Without them I wouldn't have the freedom or desire to be creative. I consider a number of my friends as family too - they're the family you choose, right?
PAPER CRAFTS - This has been a relatively new addiction - and my family tell me I must be a bit obsessive because once I get an interest in something - move aside!!! Mind you - I still think they put something in the rubber and ink - this craft really does take hold! AND then there are all those wonderful challenges to try out - aaagh - where do I stop!!! LOL
SEWING - Sewing has been my passion for a number of years. I make bears, quilts, dolls and, more recently, became the costume designer and maker for my daughter's synchronised figure skating team. My fabrics and sewing tools are currently "resting" while I indulge in "topping up" my stamping supplies!
COOKING - I've always enjoyed cooking - it was something I did with both parents on the weekends - standing on a kitchen chair so I could see into the pot on the stove. I don't enjoy it as much these days - there is always the "diet" to think of (I've never been a skinny person!). The day to day of feeding the family is also a chore - but watch out when there's something special going on!
SURFING - THAT'S BLOGS NOT THE REAL THING - lol - Along with my new passion for paper crafting has been the exciting world of blog hopping. Starting my own blog has in itself become an addiction - but then you HAVE to check everyone's elses out and let them know you've visited! This has been time consuming but a whole heap of fun. I've made some fabulous cyber friends from all around the world!
NOW on to passing this blog on. I have recently passed awards on to bloggers I have been following for some time - and LOVE their work. For this blog I wanted to nominate some blogs that I have recently discovered - have you noticed how fast my blog roll is growing!! I have discovered all of these blogs via other blogs or by checking out challenge entrants - see, this surfing is FUN! These gals are listed in no particular order - they are ALL fab.
Nancy at Card Worthy
Leigh at 'Cause I'm Me


Kellie said...

Congratulations Debbie, well deserved in fact more than well! xx


Ohhh!!! Thank you so much for the award and lovely comments!!! I can see why you got the award first!!!

Stamp and Smile said...

Con'grats on the award!! You are deserving of it because you are a super person and blogger! I have a few of the addictions you have.. LOL!! One is baking, but cooking is on my list too! Have a sunny day now... Smiles!!