Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Challenge From Nancy

Here's an intersting challenge - and not the sort I've been doing! Nancy over at Cardworthy has issued me this challenge - to go into your picture files, open the 6th folder and post the 6th picture!

I just wanted to mention that Nancy has designed blog banners for several blogs and has decided to offer her services to raise money for children's charities that have special meaning to her - check out her story here. She's an amazing lady and her offer is incredibly generous. I know she's very busy with them at the moment - and I've told her there's no rush for mine - yes look out for a change!!!! But - if you're interested, let her know!

Now on with the challenge! This photo was taken back in 2007 at one of my daughter's figure skating comps - here she is with her friend and team mate Francesca - they had such a fun day and my daughter won her division - go Sarah!

Here's a photo from later in the day - just before results were announced! Sarah's 2nd from the left - the other girls are her good friends - (from L to R) - Nicki, Sarah, Daisy and Fran.

I have to boast a bit here - Sarah and I designed her costume based on a photo we had seen and I had to make the pattern up - it worked out well eventually!!! It looked great on the ice - it have multi coloured sequins on it and the under skirt was bright red. She nearly didn't get it as I almost didn't finish in time as I was also finishing off about 10 team costumes!!!!

I've had a lot of fun this week going through photos of myself and DH - I'm making a slide show for our anniversary party. I've found it amazing how much my photo taking has changed since I got a digital camera 7 years ago. We have far more pictures now - and don't seem to throw out the ones we don't like! We also have far less in albums - I tend to use my photos as a screen saver on my computer! It was fun to see what photo I would come up with for this challenge - boy was I relieved it was a nice one!! LOL

Now to pass the challenge on - hope they enjoy it! These are all lovely ladies I have met through stamping - I have actually met Ramona IRL and would love to meet the others too - it's a shame we're all so far away - I think we'd have a fabulous time over coffee and ink pads!!!!

Kellie Winnell - always loves a challenge!
Ramona Michaluk - hope she'll have time, she's working hard these days!
Michelle at Stamp and Smile - a lovely new blog buddy
Lisa at Craft's Meow - another wonderful new blog buddy

I'm not sure who else to challenge - but would like to ask anyone interested to give it a go and leave me your link! Sometimes it's nice to do something a little different!


jacque4u2c said...

Awesome photo!

Kellie said...

Gorgeous photos Deb! I can't wait to see what your new look is going to be like! How exciting for you and after looking at some of her work it's going to be a HUGE WOW factor!

Leonie said...

I may very well be in trouble for this, but...oh well!

Thanks for the challenge

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Your daughter is beautiful Debbie (just like her mother)!

I can't wait to see what the 6th picture in my 6th folder will be. (I'm at work right now, eating lunch and blog surfing at my desk.) Hopefully it isn't anything too terrible! Stay tuned...

{{{Hugs}}} Lisa

Kristine B. said...

Oh wow! That's is such a neat photo, and am so impressed with the whole figure skating thing. My girls LOVE to watch it, but we live in a small town where it's not an option for us. Beautiful photos :)

Stamp and Smile said...

This is fun! Thanks for the tag Debbie... I did get another tag earlier this week to post a photo, so I'll have to get crackin' on this... LOL! Such fun in blog-vill! And super photo's you are sharing and the girls look so happy!! Love the outfits... Smiles!! :)

Ramona Michaluk said...

Thanks for thinking of me for this challenge Debbie. Will check out my photos and post my entry shortly - had to backup all my photo files when my computer crashed last year so need to put them all back but don't despair - I'll get to it soon !