Saturday, August 6, 2022

Mason Jar Tissue Dispenser Tutorial

Recently I saw some really cute mason jar tissue dispensers and I figured I could do something similar and include a cute digi image onto the project, so I went hunting for a jar. This was the part I thought would be easy! But most of the handle less jars have images and words embossed onto the surface of the glass which wouldn't suit my project - so I ended up with a mason jar glass with a handle. I've put together a few steps for you if you'd like to give it a go yourself :) I used Mo Manning's "Needs Mummy" image.

You'll Need                                                            
- a mason jar with 2 part lid (something else I couldn't find so I ended up 3D printing one!)            
- sheet of white foam                                             
- 2 coloured images on thin paper (I used copy paper)
- all purpose sealer
- glue
- white acrylic paint
- ribbon
- stazon ink pad
- texture stamp
- gloss varnish

Since I wanted my images to wrap around the glass slightly and not have a high profile, I decided to print them onto copy paper and colour. I used my copic markers but you have to have a lighter touch on copy paper to prevent the ink bleeding too much. I wanted an image on both the front and the back of the glass so I coloured up 2.

I then sealed my images with an all purpose sealer on both the front and the back, allowing to dry in between. I have skipped this step in the past but the images became transparent when I varnished them and the background pattern showed through! Cut out your sealed and dried images.

Tape off the rim and handle of your jar before sealing and painting. I sponge my first coat of paint on the give it some grip for the subsequent coats. Carefully remove the tape and stamp on a pattern using stazon ink if you wish.

Glue your images onto the front and back of your jar - making sure they don't lift. Once dry add several coats of clear varnish.

Once I cleaned up my printed lid I cut a circle of white foam to fit inside it. Before gluing it in place cut a cross in the foam to allow the tissues to come out while providing a dust cover for the rest - see image above.

Decorate the rim of the jar before loading with tissues and attaching the lid.

I used this YouTube video tutorial to load the tissues into my jar.

I hope you enjoyed this and....

Bless you ;)

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Wilma said...

What a gorgeous project this is, looks great! Thank you for sharing. Have a beautiful weekend.
Love, Wilma.💐