Friday, September 18, 2009

Digital Deal of the Year!

My wonderful friend Lisa mentioned this amazing offer on her blog - thought I'd pass it on to my visitors too. If you are interested in digital stamps then this is the deal for you - but you only have a few days left!!! Dustin Pike is retiring pages 1 through 5 of his line of digital stamps as he is working on a new line of rubber stamps. The entire collection of images on these 5 pages is being sold as a bundle for US$25 - that's less than AU$30!!! There's quite a few images in the bundle - Lisa thinks it works out that you're paying around 25c each image!!!! This offer is good until midnight Sept. 25th. Dustin will not offer these again until Jan/Feb 2010 and some images might not return....

I am not receiving any compensation for passing this on to you - just the knowledge that some of you may enjoy hearing about it!!

Be back soon with my mailbox tutorial - it's taking longer than I thought- doesn't help when I get asked to work extra days and I'm "tweaking" it as I go to make it work better for you!!!



Alison said...

Must go and check out those digital stamps. I am really looking forward to your tutorial on the mailbox - can't wait to make my own.

Annette said...

What a fantastic selection of digitals, will have to get the sack, so I will have the time to play with them LOL. Looking forward to the tutorial! Oh and yes his collar is purple and his name tag too. LOL Shall try and get a better photo. Have a fantastic holiday break, take care, Annette X:)