Friday, June 26, 2009

Recipe Swap - Crab Crepes

As you may remember if you've been following my blog, I joined a recipe swap over at Abra Leah's blog. I did check if she was happy to have an international swapper before joining and she said yes as we all send stamped self addressed envelopes with our swaps for the returns - it makes is easy on everyone!! The funny thing was neither of us registered at the time the fact that I couldn't buy U.S. stamps for my SASE!!!! Luckily we have worked out a solution to the problem and I could continue with my swaps.

The theme for this month is Summer Appetisers. I hope I've done the right thing because - even though we all speak English - the terminology is different in our countries for different things - including menu courses. For example - we have entrees as a starter and then a main meal - whereas in America the entree IS the main meal, if I remember right. I've also had to adapt some of the measurements and ingredient names to suit American weights and ingredients - thank goodness I lived in America for 18 months and have a little idea of some of the differences - hope I picked them all up - LOL.

This recipe is for Crab Crepes - a light and fresh tasting start to any meal. Apologies for blurring the recipe but I need to save something for the girls in the swap!

The recipe is fairly easy but there is quite a list of ingredients, so I had to tuck the cooking method in behind. I used my Word Window punch to create a slot in the DP layer to make a pocket for the pull out. I've used some Windsor Knot DP from SU which has a sort of sea "bubble" feel to it - in keeping with the theme of the recipe. I've also used my "wavy" divine swirls CB folder and "deep sea" pearl flower centres for the same reason! And of course the cute crab from the retired Crab and C. was a no-brainer of a choice - LOL.

I'm hoping this recipe card will be used by the recipients as it's one of my favourite dishes! I'm planning on trying all the recipes I receive too - watch out kids!!!



"Tillymint" said...

This is great Debbie - There is an email recipe chain letter doing the rounds at the moment erghhhhh I've been hit with it twice! I so hate those things much nicer to ask if someone wants to join in!!

Robyn said...

I hope you will "unblur" the recipe later Lol!! Your recipe sounds fabulous and your presentation of it is pretty fabulous as well!

Kristy Young said...

This looks sooo good Debbie!!

Cheryl Joshua said...

Fantastic recipe card,love the design and those stamps are so cute!!! This must be so much fun to do!

Kerrie said...

As always you cards are amazing, so I've sent you an award its on my blog

Jean said...

Debbie, You have done so well with your recipe page! I would have loved to have joined in this swap but with moving, it was right out of the question. There will be another day! I LOVE recipes!

Hugs, J

Lisa Hjulberg said...

A perfect presentation for your recipe, Debbie. I love just about anything with crab in it...yum!

And we American's are really stupid to call the main course the entree. After all, entree means the first, or the introduction, doesn't it? You'll have to beg our collective pardon for that one! LOL

xOx Lisa

Stamp and Smile said...

Such a fun idea for swaps!! The CB embossing and flower cuts are perfect with the colors and DP!! Your recipe sounds YUMMY... :)

Give us a "taste review" when you try each new recipe!! I love to cook and baking even more... :) I'd be 100lbs. over weight if I was a baker!! Yikes... :)

Kristine B. said...

OH MY GAWSH... I COMPLETELY FORGOT to take a picture of my recipe swaps!! AAAAAACCK!!!! This is so great Debbie and I can't WAIT to get this in my hot little crabby hands! LOL. OH, I didn't mean nice little cooking hands, HA!! Love those cut-out flowers and the crab is soooo CUTE!!! OH, I'm so kicking myself right now. I should made a pull out thingy with a picture of my recipe too because I actually made the recipe and we all enjoyed it very much! I got a pic of THAT! Just not the page, Ugh. LOL

Can't wait to try this recipe too. My hubby will LOVE it!! He loves all seefood types.