Thursday, February 19, 2009

Keesh's Inspiration Challenge #4

I found the cool blue and white of Keesh's picture very inspirational this week - I had soo many ideas rambling around I feel I was designing in my sleep!!! I think it was because of all the pictures of the terrible bush fires we've had in Victoria, some of which are still burning, that this card was the idea that won out. The touch of colour wrapped around the word "hope" has a lot of significance at the moment - along with the regeneration of nature symbolised by the flowers. This all sounds very deep - but the fires have become such a topical issue at the moment. Even for us city dwellers as the smoke hovers overhead and makes our throats dry. And everyone knows someone who knows someone affected directly.
It was interesting to look at the finished card and note the words "create" and "believe" are the only two other complete words!!!!

Stamps sets used : Pick a Petal, Tres Chic

Colours: Whisper White, Ballet Blue, Rose Red

Edit - I just wanted to thank Ramona for the idea of highlighting a word from the Tres Chic stamp - see her gorgeous version here.


Robyn said...

It's fabulous Debbie!! I love it lots!! Its very sobering isn't it to think that even when the smoke clears for us and we all get back into our "normal" life that they will still be suffering and it will be ages and ages until they have a "normal" life again!!

Karen said...

Holy Cow Deb - this is just BEAUTIFUL!! I hope like heck Pick a Petal sticks around for another year - I love that set!


Leigh said...

I love what you've done with this card Debbie. Just right, with the word hope highlighted. I also really love the way thought deeply about the meaning of the card.
The floods and the fires have been devastating.

Jean said...

Debbie, what a beautiful meaningful card. You are such a creative person. I just love how you have highlighted the word and although the Pick a Petal stamp set is not a favourite of mine, you have used just enough petals here as to not overpower the card! Gorgeous!!!
Those fires are on my mind always these days - those poor people and animals!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Oh, Debbie, I just love the colors and the flowers! Beautifully done!

xOx Lisa


Debbie this card is awesome!!! A winner for sure!!
Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog too!!!

Ramona Michaluk said...

Great job with the challenge Debbie -love what you've done with the background stamp,the flower petals and the colours!

Yes, the words on this stamp have a lot of meaning, especially with our current disasters in Australia - bushfires, floods and drought.
I'm flattered that my card inspired you to make this one - I love your take on it. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Jeanne Couch said...

Hi Debbie
Love your card.. I hope to get both these sets one day!
All of us in Sydney have been praying for those in Melbourne - can't imagine what its like for the people effected by this devistation.
Regards Jeanne

Stamp and Smile said...

WOW Debbie! I love the flowers and the color mix... and the "Highlighted" word is perfect!!!! You always inspire me and I’m SOOOOO looking forward to stamping and surfing this weekend. :)

Work should lighten up in the next 2 weeks for me... today we called an ambulance to the clinic this morning for a patient that was having a stroke or heart attack. It sure came on FAST for this older gentleman... I hope he is OK!

Kathryn Mangelsdorf said...

Hi Debbie, that's one very striking card, wonderful creation.

Makeesha Byl said...

Very creative Debbie! I love the deep colours of those petals, it looks amazing! THanks for playing! Love Keesh x