Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cards for Fire Victims - Can You Help????

My dear friend Kellie sent me the idea below - I have been feeling like my creating has been frivolous in the light of things happening in Victoria this past week - maybe this will give it a purpose!!!

Here's the idea...............................

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Sandie had a call from her sister ...............
A local craft group in her town is running a Card Drive for the Fire Victims.I am going to run one too. Would you like to join in?????All you need to do is make some cards or if you have any in your stash made up already. Then you can either pop $5.00 in the card yourself or maybe friends and family would like to give you the $5.00. (The idea would be for the victims to buy something just for themselves)PLEASE MAKE CARDS BRIGHT AND CHEERY. I THINK SENTIMENTS SHOULD BE SOMETHING LIKE "THINKING OF YOU" THAT TYPE OF THING.ON THE INSIDE OF THE CARD JUST WRITE WORDS OF SUPPORT AND COMFORT - NOTHING TOO DEEP or RELIGIOUS AS CARDS WILL BE GOING TO ALL WALKS OF LIFE. ALSO KEEP IN MIND TO MAKE SOME CARDS FOR THE KIDDIES - THEY WOULD LOVE TO SEE A BRIGHT CARD TOO.I will then organize for these cards to be sent to the fire victims. I will not be sending them through the post - I will arrange for them to be delivered to them so they get to the right people.If you would like to join in please send all cards to me. You can contact me via email for my postal address. (Just click on my Profile at the side bar to find the email link -ta)Thanks for your support.

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