Monday, May 29, 2017

Remembering Manchester

My thoughts have been with Manchester since the recent tragedy and I was honoured to be able to colour up this beautiful image in memory of the victims, their families and the responders. Sadly since this tragedy happened, Egypt has also seen senseless cruelty and loss of lives. When will this madness stop?? I just wish everyone would realise we CAN live together in peace, no matter what our differences. 

PEACE - such a small word, only five letters long, hopefully one day.......


~ginny said...

Beautiful card and sentiment Debbie - our thoughts are with the families and survivors too!

Linda Levoir said...

Beautiful card Debbie. Unfortunately no matter how much progress we make as humanitarians, there will always be the few that think that everyone should believe the same as they do and that others should be denied the right to live their lives as they choose.

For the UK stuff like this tends to have the opposite effect to the one intended as we tend to pull together more and refuse to be cowed.

You just have to tell yourself that mad as all this seems, it is actually nothing new, just that social media makes it all more 'present' and that actually this is the work of a 'few' and not how most people think.

Peace and love xx