Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sorry I'm MIA - and Some Tickled Pink Stamps Candy!

Just a quick note to say I'm going to be MIA until next week - my daughter is turning 18 tomorrow and we have a "bit of a do" happening this weekend. The house needs scrubbing from top to bottom - although I always wonder WHY we do that BEFORE a party when I wake up the day after - LOL. Plus there are a million and one others things to do and going on - so apologies - I'm just hoping I don't scrub my mojo away at the same time - LOL.


Note - This candy/offer applies to international visitors too!

Become a follower and you could win..... Simple! Tickled Pink Stamps has some amazing things coming up in the next couple of months and to start celebrating early we are going to have a CANDY.... Not 1, not 2, but there are 3 prizes! WHOO HOO...
We also want to let you know that once a month Tickled Pink Stamps will be having a random giveaway so to make sure you never miss the announcement become a follower. We will have random hidden candies on the Pink Ladies blogs too, so be sure to never miss a Tickled Pink Stamps post on their blogs ;)

In other news before I get to the CANDY details. Tickled Pink Stamps will start selling International again very SOON.... But will only be selling stamps internationally not papers, charms, magazines etc, but with many stamps to pick from and personalised ones I am sure there is something for everyone :)

ONTO the CANDY details. There are 3 ways in which to win and if you do all 3 well then your chances are even higher.

1st - The 1st prize will go to one lucky person that becomes a follower.

2nd - The 2nd will go to one lucky person that makes a blog post on their blog advertising this candy with a link back to this here post and popping their blog post link in Mr.Linky.

3rd - The third will go to one lucky person that leaves a comment on the blog candy post over at Tickled Pink Stamps.

For all these we will be using to find the lucky winners of each prize.

What are the prizes....?
1st - Is 6 stamps of the winners choice from any stamps in stock in store.
2nd - Is 3 stamps of the winners choice from any stamps in stock in store.
3rd - Is 1 stamp of the winners choice from any stamps in stock in store.

So what are you waiting for, you have to be in it to win it and be sure to spread the word.... This candy will end on Saturday the 1st May 2010 MIDNIGHT and the winners will be announced on Monday the 3rd of May 2010.

Thanks so much and take care from all the girls at Tickled Pink Stamps....



Debra James said...

I often ask myself the same question Debbie as when the party is over u have to do it all again but I suppose it makes us feel better. I wish your Daughter a very Happy 18th Birthday and I hope all her wishes come true.Good luck with the party, hope the weather is good to you and it all goes nice and smoothly,and you all have lots of Fun!!!! Hugs xxxx

Leigh said...

Hope everything goes well for the party Debbie. Happy birthday to your daughter.

Sammi said...

Hope your daughter has a wonderful day and a great party!!
Wishing you all the best for your cleaning before and after the party! you're a great Mum :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Debbie,A very Happy Birthday to your daughter,I hope she has a wonderful day!!! Hmmm I do wonder why we bust ourselves cleaning for a party,for it to get messy

Sue said...

A happy Birthday to your daughter, have a great time!
Sue x

Marlene said...

Happy 18th birthday to your daughter!!! (What - did you have her when you were 7?!)

Alison said...

Wishing your daughter a wonderful 18th Birthday - and wishing you a stress free party - he he he.

Hope it is a wonderful night.

Butternut Sage Designs said...

oh my goodness this sounds like fun I wish I could participate but SU rules...sorry...have a great "to do" at your home for your daughter, such a fun time for her and great memories! Hugs~Donna

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Oh ... I hope your daughter's party is lotsa fun ... and that she has a lovely time. Try not to stress too much ... and enjoy the moment! These milestones pass far too quickly! My no. 4 baby (no. 3 daughter) is turning 18 in July! Where does the time go? hugs, Andrea! xxx PS I am determined that you are NOT going to tempt me with those Tickled Pink Stamps. Truly! (I wonder how long I really can resist ... before I just have to go and chech them out!)

Liam said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter I hope she has a blast and I hope all goes well.



Sue said...

Enjoy your daughters BIG day, 18 is a milestone birthday! Can't wait to hear all about it. I'm sure your mojo will be just fine.


Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Debs,

I agree, but then the house does look so good for a fleeting moment...and that makes me feel good :)
BTW, everything looked wonderful. Sarah is a delightful young lady who I am proud to know, let alone be related too :)and she is lucky to have such a fantastic woman as you are as her mother :)

Hugs, Sharon :)