Thursday, July 9, 2009

A New Blog!

I'd like to introduce a fabulous new blogger to you - Alison is my new downline and if my stamping journey and blog had started as beautifully as hers I would have been rapt! She's a very talented young lady with some fabulous ideas. Please pop in and say HI - her new blog is called Stampin' Alley - and you can check it out here!

I also have a HUGE apology - I was honoured by a couple of blog awards while I was in the middle of sewing the costume for the play - I wrote them down to acknowledge them and pass them on when I got the chance. My kids actually CLEANED during the holidays and my list was deemed rubbish by the rugrats!!!!!! Noooooooooo. I had every intention of passing them on - I really appreciate being honoured by these awards and don't want those who gave them to me to feel I take them lightly.
Just for a bit of a giggle at my expense here's a picture Kristy Young took of me at Convention. We were lined up outside the main room waiting for the dinner to begin and Kristy was getting ready to snap a pic. The doors opened and there was a rush in - so I moved off while having my pic taken - it's a shocker of a pic but we've certainly had a few laughs over it. Posting it on my blog is my penance for not passing on those awards!!! Hope it gives you a good laugh too!!



Kristy Young said...

I LOVE this pic Debbie, its just describes your personality FUN and loveable! LOVE IT. Congrats on your team member, I am over to Alisons blog now to say Hello!
Kristy xo

Liam said...

love the photo. Your downline is off to a great start and with you as her upline she is very lucky. congrats on a new team member.


Cheryl Joshua said...

What a fab look like you are having a good time.Congrats on your new downline,she will learn alot from you!!!

Margaret de Witt said...

You are forgiven Debbie.

I love the pic. It's so nice to see the fun side of people.

LINDA said...

Great photo, Looks like you were having a ball...Love it..
Hugs, Linda

Lisa Hjulberg said...

I love that picture of you! You look so happy and like you're having a blast... which, of course, you were.

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

So cute Debbie ... I had a giggle ... looks like you were having a ball! Stampin' Hugs, Andrea xxx

Stamp and Smile said...

I love the photo of you.... so fun seeing you in action!! Your smile says it all... having a rockin' good time! SMILES Debbie... :)

Tip: what I do when I receive a blog award... I have a drafted POST that I put my info in. When I have 3 or more awards then I post it. I did the same thing and was racking my brain figuring out where they came from... :)

Kellie said...

That photo is gorgeous, I loved how excited you were! It's you to a T, fun, fabulous and funny. Loved that weekend and can't wait for camp now! Just as many laughs with more stamps, added in with some bubbly and chocolate! A HUGE congrats on your new recruit, she will learn SO much from you.